Cadel is looking skinny

Stage 6 Tirreno – Adriatico

What a race! Go to any cycle site and I am reading things like: “I’m not much of a Cadel fan, but phew…”, “total domination”, “crushed them all” and “unleashed a devastating acceleration”….
Look at Cadel’s website and you will read “The boys rode great all day, and the final lap ‘Ale’ and ‘Giorgio’ were incredible. After their great work, I’m glad I had the legs to finish it off.”

Manuel Quinziato above is in front of “Ale” (Alessandro Ballan) who is in front of Cadel grinning like a Cheshire cat, obscuring Big “Giorgio” (George Hincape), Looks like Cadel has a team he can work with!

Let’s continue with the in-depth analysis. The victory salute: rubbish. An aspect that has really let Cadel down over the years. Here he is crossing the line:

The arm starts to go up:

Is it a salute?

Is he tipping his chapeau? Is it “all up here”? Is he wiping the brow?

No, he is pointing to his secret strength. His eyebrows. Lets have a closer look:

OK, time to examine the facial clefts. Brow, chin, dimples. All looking svelte.

Can he “perform” in the traditional celebration?

No problemo in that department. Now, can he fit the leaders jersey on?

All boxes ticked. Skinny. Looking good in azzurri. Tomorrow he’ll win the GC overall and XE will zoom back up into the top 200.

Well, next day and part of the prediction came through. Cadel put in a good time trial, kept the azzurri and and has so won the Tirreno – Adriatico. But XE only rose to 217…

Here we see that Cadel’s speed in the TT has cause an actual warping of the time-space continuum.

At the end of the race they send a boat out into the Adriatic Sea to steal Neptune’s trident to present to the winner.

How Euro. Home of quaint tradition. Didn’t they also invent Santa, chocolate easter rabbits and large bottles of champagne? Bravo Cadel!

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