Steve is Specialized!

In a timely break from VXE misery, XE headquarters received the following:

In the interest of improving team xe’s average speed and maximising chances of taking out a speed trial or two, I suggest we standardise on the attached machine for all members. Realising that agreeing on a colour scheme will probably take a season or two, I have procured the bike below so the step up is not too much of a jolt. It is 4 years old and rides beautifully. I will save the Zipps for special occasions and have got hold of some Eastons for the daily commute. Trust all is well with you, Steve

Very pretty indeed, and the idea has merit. I encourage everyone to lock up that ~1 kg of carbon in a nice frameset. It’s the responsible thing to do. Too bad if most of the carbon originates from China. But carbon respects no boundaries.

However, the “attached machine” he speaks of is in the photocopied article below, and it has set some alarm bells ringing:

The Specialized “S Works Venge” is the long awaited breakthrough world’s first aerodynamic road bike. (Well, since the last BIB (bike industry breakthrough)).

Two days of wind tunnel testing to get the drink bottle right I can understand.

The name appears to come from a tennis player’s ejaculate, which is a nice touch:

The Formula one giants McLaren and Specialized entered a 9 month collabo to give birth to this, which also makes sense. You get to expose the bike to the “F1 Racing” magazine audience.

At $16,000 a bike it also represents a genuine price breakthrough. However with appropriate sponsership I can see an “XE Venge for all”. That has a nice ring, maybe we should put it on the XE team jersey.

But ….. Steve …. what has really got me concerned … is that really a yellow Livestrong bracelet in the photocopy??

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2 Responses to Steve is Specialized!

  1. Steve says:

    yes Mark I believe it is. Not mine I am happy to report, one of my F1 fanatical work colleagues

    • Mark says:

      You always had my full confidence! (as demonstrated by my willingness to hold you up to potential public ridicule).

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