forever Young… (I wanna be)

Sure, “Age shall not weary them…” but what about us?
For an unprecedented second time in a decade we fly into Melburn (aka Oppermanland) to vet a potential epicurean. A certain 62 yo Keith Young, from whom we try to divine the secrets of his cycling prowess.

As we grow old, we take the opportunity to welcome Mal (clearly named after that quintessentially Australian Salvation Army bike brand: Malvern Star), into the fold of the post-fifty -“it’s all downhill”- club. (And into the Masters Cat 5 racing division of Cycling Australia.)

Here Mal is seen to observe a diorama of AAMI Park where the Qld Reds are symbolically surrounded by the Melburn Rebels (represented by candles) whilst fireworks are set off in the superugby15 final.

The festivities continue:
Look dad …. a tongue piercing:

We leap ahead to Footscray and we are jolted into the big ring.

Colnago 1: EPS with Super Record Campy. Does it get any better? Shown here beside Assos clad shaved legs for scale.

Colnago 2: Keith’s 2nd bike (Ultegra level componentary)

Keith promises to show me the elixer of youth, and so we join the pilgrimage on Beach Rd and begin the quest.

I ambitiously attempt to “drop” an “edit”, mouthing the mantra of thousands before me: There must be something better than microsoft movie-maker:

You can see that I had issues with elevation and keeping my head up when at my limit.

And all that was before we actually arrived at Beach Road, but alas the battery of my helmet Chinese spy-cam seems limited.

So we are forced to continue using still photographs.

Beach Road Big Sky:

Black Rock:

We pass the Cafe Racer cafe

Midday Monday, nobody home.

On the way back I encounter a Melburnian condition known as deja vu la vache

The elixir? I was hoping it would be this:

But alas, it turns out to be hard work: years of k’s in the legs…

The Garmin does not lie.
Here is another view of the 76 km, 30+km/h trip. Not so bad for me, sheltering behind Keith from the brutal head-wind on the bay.

Keith: I usually do faster. Forever Young!

That evening I reap a double leg cramp.

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