The Lure of the Tour

Cycle Touring – What’s out there?

The Mega Charity Tours

– These people are very well organised, donating money to any of these is a good thing.

Tour de Cure
Been going for 4 years, registered as an Australian charity.
Organised into corporate teams. Have raised over $1.8Million
The Cause: Various hospitals & institutes for cancer research.
The Ride: The 2011 Route was Sydney – Melbourne; 1,379km, 10 days, 65 riders.

Smiling for Smiddy
Been going since 2006, started with 3 riders, now limited to 50. In memory of Adam Smiddy, died (26) from melanomia. Has raised over $1.9Million.
The Cause: Cancer Research
The Ride: Brisbane – Townsville 1600 km in 8 days.

Indie Charity Rides

Today for Tomorrow
Perth – Sydney, Two guys (Koen de Kort Ambassador)
The Ride: 4,200 kms, 33 days.
The Cause: Cystic Fibrosis

On My Bike
Perth-Brisbane; supported; lots of sponsorship; 42 days, 4565 km; 60yo+; finished a couple of days ago.
The Cause: The Heart Foundation;

Perth to Paradise
Perth – Surfers (2008) 15 yo and Father. 4500 km in 30 days.
The cause: Big Brothers Big Sisters Youth Mentoring

Commercial Tours

Currently doing Broome – Perth

“Blue Sky” Unsupported Touring:

The Mother of all cycle touring sites 5000+ journals. Hints, HowTos, Guides:

Around Australia
“The House is sold and the trip is on. !!!! ”
17,237 km over 369 days

Maree Bike Tour Oz
Single girl riding around Australia
Unsupported; stealth camping; enigmatic, funny

Ride the Talk
Climate Change Warrior

Cycling via the Outback Way
Noosa(QLD) – Laverton(WA) on the Dirt

Around Austalia/New Zealand 2002-3. 22717 km, human clock. Portland humor; fear of the ‘burbs. Pioneering site with hand coded webpages.

One Year by Bicycle

Germans do the Birdsville track with trailers

The “10 desert” project.
Has done Tanami, Canning stock route so far. Raising money for flying doctors

Some Mega Global Tours:

French, Brussels to India.

Dusty Rubber24,000km so far on the silk road.

It’s Time for the Silk Road
2010-11, Amazing site, Polish couple, silk road, high adventure…

Immer Nur Radeln

The hungary Cyclist
“Pedalling the world for the perfect meal”

Bourkes on Wheels

Travelling Two

Other Resources

All you need to take:

all packed up:

Family on Bikes

Path Less Pedaled

Cycling Around the World

cycle trails Australia: 13 epic bike adventures in Australia. Off-road

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1 Response to The Lure of the Tour

  1. Steve says:

    ok – when do we start? In Japan right now, plenty of hills to ride up here!

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