Rare Sightings

Lets cast a critical eye over some rarely seen bike riders.

American chic
Trek (American) brand, check. Flatbar. Triple crankset. Both rim and disk brakes. Huge filth prophylactic (aka fender, mudguard) befitting leader of free world. Back tyre needs some air.

Gotham chic
Adam West in tights. Underwear worn outside the lycra. Hefner style bath robe. High rise dragster bars. Yvonne Craig side kick with utility belt for emergencies.

Glebe park chic
Jonathon leans into corner. Offspring enchanted by the blatent salmoning. Bike incorporates PHBCT (padded handle-bar cross-tube). Lime green rims. Front and pedal reflector. Training wheels.

Hinterkappellen chic
Annaliese shows how its done. Velvet flares. Wrist and knee protection. Extreme seat positioning. Feet assisted propulsion. Fluoro rims. Mudguards.

Liverpool chic
The fab four. Jeans and loafers. Sweptback flatbars, chainguards. Sturmey Archer gears. A different world.

Wait a minute, I think that’s me on the right with Malcolm, Jon & James on the little known ’62 epic.

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3 Responses to Rare Sightings

  1. 888riley says:

    And another thing ….
    I hate being a conspiracy theorist, but is it possible the rear mudguard on that Presidential piece-of-crap is something else altogether? Something DISGUISED as a mudguard? Like a WEAPON? Or some kind of electronic device containing LAUNCH CODES? It’s clearly heavy (noting flat tyre).

    It’s either that, or its just a ridiculously embarrassing mudguard. And what are the chances of that?

  2. Mark says:

    That has indeed been the question these last couple of years. I think that we could release a whole line of xmas epic “where’s Jon?” pictures books. .

  3. 888riley says:

    I can see Paul. I can see Ringo. I can see George. And I can see Mark.

    That’s uncanny. Where’s was John?

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