Livestrong Tattoos

Permanence, belief, inspiration, regrets: We need look no further than the esoteric world of livestrong tattoos.

Got something to say?
If you prefer not to invest in so much skin real estate; and to condense your message into something more symbolic, consider a livestrong tattoo.

While trawling “Rate My Ink” ( and similar sites, one cannot help but noticing the many rings of yellow.

The Lance Armstrong Foundation has sold over 80 million LiveStrong wristbands: You can buy them in packs of 100 here. That’s $80,000,000 to cancer research. Alternatively, for people that can’t do maths, you can find them on eBay for $1.99.
But I’m sure you see the attraction of making it more permanent. Here are some variations:





This one is reversible

You can read it lying on your back

..or your stomach.
Sometimes things look a bit more profound in a different script:
Tibetan calligraphy in Tsugtung script style. This translates as “to live and die without regret“.
Made even more meaningful by the Calvin Kleins

The red tattoo below translates as “live strong” in the Uchen script style. On the other arm “live wrong”.

The black livewrong wristband costs more that the yellow original:

Another alternative is a blue “Bike Pure” wristband.

Many of our VXE riders can be seen wearing one:

Cam Meyer

Tiffany Cromwell

Jack Bobridge

Slightly more expensive. Get one here: Bike Pure

The Livestrong website also offers advice on hiding a wrist tattoo:
and discusses tattoo removal:

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