Le Tour – The End Game

Stage 20 – Cadiesel wins the Tour!

Cadel rode the time trial of his life, coming second to Tony Martin and gaining yellow. He leads Andy Schleck by 1:34 in the GC.

VXE goes 1-2! After the Champ Elysees, this should improve our position (currently at 610).

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2 Responses to Le Tour – The End Game

  1. Ducatiboy says:

    Your prediction of Cadel by 5 seconds seemed to err only in it’s underestimation of the power of Cadeisel. What a legend!! He was wearing the darth vader mask for virtually the whole time trial! Julia better watch out, our Cadel will be running for PM next.

    • Leah says:

      Team XmasEpic can take some credit for his success having provided vital support for approximately 17 seconds of road training in Barwon Heads as part of the 2009 Epic.

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