Le Tour – Stage 18

Stage 18 – The Lee-o-payrd That Roared

OK, so I got that one wrong. In a direct response to the previous post, where I said that he had lost the tour on Stage17, Andy Schleck launches a suicidal attack up Galibier with some 90 km to go, and catapults into second spot.

This was a 200 km stage that had four HC peaks and the highest mountain finish in the history of the tour.

Clearly, Andy had been taking something.

“Growacet” does not appear on the UCI banned list. VXE riders are beyond reproach in this regard.

Luxembourg, the country, emptied itself to support the sisters. Here we see some Lux Leopards on the road.

In the end Andy held on:

Unleashing the fearful victory salute.

Seriously, an incredible ride. He even got to exchange a chortle with Eddie Merck.

Cadel toughed it out. Dragging everybody else up the mountain:

Cadel lost 2:15, and is 57 secs behind Andy. Contador dropped, lost 3:50. He won’t be playing any role in the rest of the race.

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