Le Tour – La fin

Stage 21 – Cadel’s day
The last stage of the Tour is largely ceremonial and largely boring. However, we can only marvel at the precision riding required to finish the stage in the exact order of the GC standing of the previous stage.
Here we see Cadel, Andy and Fränk slotted into order.

But really, the easiest way not to change the GC order is for everyone to finish at the same time. So that’s what they do.

People who bother following this stage either i) like reading books where they know the ending; ii) are curious to see if Cavendish will celebrate his first ever Green Jersey with something special; iii) want to see if Hoogerland has survived to the end; or iv) cyclists wanting to gloat even more about the winner.

I know, let’s do all four. i) Surprise! Cadel is going to win.

ii) Cavendish is going to win. He pulled himself over the line.

iii) Hoogerland’s barb-wired legs are repairing:

iv) Cadel is going to win!

And so it came to pass. A BMC bro-hug:

Andy magnanimous with a bro-kiss (Luxemberg: trois fois).

Cadel in a Schleck sandwich:

Cadel has a posse:

I’m not going to implicate the rest of peloton. With Cadel and Andy we have 1-2, the next XE rider is Richie Porte at 72. It would be too much work to prove he really came 3rd, and besides I don’t want to look too close. I still believe a little bit.

Le Tour 2011. In Cadel’s words: “Close to flying”

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