One for the Mitchell Old Boys

I rode from Cowra this morning hoping to get to Molong, but had two flat tires and ended up walking – very conscious that I needed to find a television by 5.30 to catch Wallabies game – the final six or seven k’s (let’s call it ten) into the nice little Central Western spot of Cudal.

So I walked into the Cudal pub (go Cudal Cobras) after dark to be greeted by a gigantic flat- screen TV just as the national anthems were being played.

A bus pulled up full of Orange Aggies, on their way back from game day (forgotten who they were playing). One of the blokes had lived on campus at Mitchell (or CSU) in the Towers for a couple of years and played for us, but decided to play this year to play for the Aggies (which I now learn has actually amalgamated with CSU.)

Anyway I was looked at with a lot of suspicion (Are you the bloke on the bike or what?). They liked me a lot better when I said I used to played for Mitchell and that for whatever reason there was always a punch-on with the Aggies.

We spent time lamenting the Wallabies loss, and agreeing vigorously that the reason Quade Cooper is so good is Will Genia.

Rugby is awesome.

In the meantime, I’ve run out of tyre tubes so I don’t know where I am going tomorrow.

Stuff I learned today: Canowindra has some fabulous looking old pubs, but I didn’t spend any time in them. It also has an “Age of Fishes Museum” because of an amazing fossil dump they have nearby. But I couldn’t help wondering why it isn’t the “Age of Fish Museum.”

Live Long & Prosper.

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1 Response to One for the Mitchell Old Boys

  1. Mark says:

    Cudel the sister town of Dunt? Any Daniel and Nathans around? Vulcanize those tubes!

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