Communing with Altitude

Malcolm does Kilimanjaro
Step one. Find the right bike (Watch for très cool dismount at end):

Step two: watch The Lion King
“Hakuna matata”
“Pole pole”
That’s enough Swahili to get by….

Machame gate- The UCI accredited Weigh-in (1490m):

Shira camp (3840m):

The Lava Tower (4630m):

Barranco camp (3950m):

Barafu (4550m “Cold is normal. You are not sick, you must go on.” – Franck the Masai).

Stella Point: warmth arrives..

Summit (a mind boggling 5895m):

Beneath the ice crystals, the sign says: 5895m. To verify the person:

Out via Mweke gate:

Malcolm, can we get the power, cadence and heart-rate data?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    poa sana mzungu

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