More accessorising

Ever since the ground-breaking post of knitted bicycle accesssories, we have been inundated with requests for the latest in custom crochet chamois and the ilk.
Rest assured, the Coalition of Urban Guerrilla Knitters have not been resting on their needles and we are happy to report on recent developments.

Let’s start with simple additions: a Scottish kilt-catcher:

The knitted bow nicely offsets a whale tattoo:

Then there is the knitted mascot:

A half full-scale model of Lulu. The knitting pattern:

Knit your own Jack Russell Brooks saddle ornament. Full pattern here.

The more militant are striking bikes at random, with total knit-overs:

The police are powerless:

Imagine waking up and finding each spoke on your bike is in an individual bespoke covering:

There is a Vulcan connection:

Talking about trekkie clothing; in 1983, the future was predicted to be bent:

Another prediction going the way of The Rapture… However there is no denying the pulling power of a recumbent:

In a cheesy way.

Now don’t get me wrong, some of my friends ride recumbents. And very occasionally you see a nice looking one:

Recumbents are great for going fast on salt lakes (as human suppositories):

They’re always coming up with innovations:

Almost got it perfected:

Nearly there:

It’s for those gearheads that need that little bit extra:

“Check the ratios on my quad crankset, dude…”

…and those that like to say: “look at me..!”

“…look at me.!”

No wacko too wacky, Floyd Landis:

The future? I’m thinking with some help from the Urban Knitters, recumbents are destined to be mardi-gras floats:

And the future of transport? Its gotta be these things:

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