End of season blues

As the pro season winds down and the riders coast to the side of the road and extricate themselves from their race radios:

…and thoughts start to drift to more Epic pursuits…
We first take the opportunity to review recent events.

Recall that: CADEL WON THE TOUR!

This enabled him to do the “Buffalo Girls go ‘round the outside” dance on the podium:

And to make Jack Nicholson impersonations:

Meanwhile we take a peek at what everyone else is up to using our strategically placed “Masseuse cam”:

Jens is getting some upper thigh work:

Andy watches RTL Télé Lëtzebuerg while having his joint extension checked:

Mark Renshaw is having his tan lines sharpened:

And Hoogerland is having his legs reattached after that barbed-wire incident.

All ready for next year.
(And remember the edge is green. (“The Edge”‘s last name is actually Evans and he has just turned 50. Everything is connected. ) )

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