Itinerary 1

So Ezekiel suggested a destination, and while it doesn’t seem like a very democratic process (religion rarely is), let me flesh it out a bit for you first and invite comments/alternatives.

In 2009 we went long. In 2010 we went hard. I can see no reasonable alternative for 2011, but to go both long and hard.

Since we (Rileys) will all be in Narooma at the same time for Christmas. I suggest we return to the 2009 format and leave from there and burn off the Christmas excess. For those not already there, we gather at Narooma on Boxing Day for the early departure the following morning: 27/12/11. If this isn’t possible for some we can bump it a day later.

From Narooma it is possible to make a very picturesque (750 km) route to Melbourne that entails no more than 15 km total of the Prince’s Highway and ~25 km dirt road. On the down-side, there is some up-side (i.e. Great Dividing Range).

Summary: Coast road to Pambula. Up the range via Mount Darragh Rd to Bombala (note: not Brown Mtn, this much quieter) ~ 10km dirt. Delegate, Border, then down Bonang Highway (C612) to Oborst (~ 15 km dirt). Rail trail to Bairnsdale. Back roads to Stratford, Moe, Yarra Junction, bike trails to Fern Tree Gully.  

The usual combination of NP camping, caravan parks, cabins and hopefully the Robert Burns Hotel in Wyndham.

day km climb (m) map
1 Narooma_MimosaRocks 58.66 759 link
2 MimosaRocks_Pambula 58.19 760 link
3 Pambula_Wyndham 27.39 443 link
4 Wyndham_Bombala 50.6 831 link
5 Bombala_Delegate 35.13 326 link
6 Delegate_Goongerah 57.81 437 link
7 Goongerah_Oborst 71.4 486 link
8 Oborst_Bruthen 67.62 377 link

Bruthen_Bairnsdale 31.66 115 link
10 Bairnsdale_Stratford 65.07 143 link
11 Stratford_Moe 87.95 281 link
12 Moe_Noojee 59.03 776 link
13 Noojee_Montrose 70.85 576 link
  totals: 741.36 6310  

1. It is possible to exit at Bairnsdale (Rail Station). The pace picks up a bit after this.
2. Possible to combine days 8 & 9 for shorter trip.

Quality bro-time together and the chance to catch up with people you haven’t seen for a while.
It will make Christmas more bearable memorable.
We pass through lots of interesting areas, it would be a good trip for non-riders too.
If Mal drives Melbourne – Narooma, we already have a support car that need to go back anyway. (We may need 2 cars this year).
If we leave (27/12/11) we would arrive at Mal’s (8/01/12).
While it is the same number of days as Melb-Adel, the distance is shorter (750 km compared with 1000 km) but hillier (and we are older).
No rest days, but some short (30 km) days.

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12 Responses to Itinerary 1

  1. Obbly Gobbly says:

    Are you confident of the “Rail Trail”? Remember we had a dud at one point on Epic One, I think.

    Am unlikely to make starting block for the 27th. Depends on work rostering, won’t know until about November. I don’t want you to delay the start for moi. On the face of it, closing up the two days to make one seems reasonable.

    Well done again Monsieur Marc, looks a bonne route.

    • Mark says:

      No worries Scott, we can work something out for people joining later if necessary.

      The East Gippsland Rail Trail is really the Rolls Royce of rail trails.
      The web site here:
      List cafes, bike shops and accommodation. They are about to have a “Ride the trail in a day” day on the 1st Oct, so I guess there is no reason why we couldn’t combine days 8 & 9 and do this too.

  2. Do we have to wear santa outfits – it will most likely be hot you know?

  3. Anonymous says:

    And what? You want a name? What is this – a cult?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Brilliant – I’m in.

    So much to see – great country. Delegate I think was proposed as a site for the national capital , and we will be going close to Iguana Creek and the Kiln developed by Professor Kurth. If you think the floods in Queensland were interesting, wait until you experience the fire season in SE Victoria …

  5. 888riley says:

    I definitely want to do this, I think it looks like a fantastic route. I hope to take the Vulcan and I am sure that I’ll be right to do that by then. If not, confidence remains high that I can organise some front-wheel drive exotica via the
    I think we should combine days 8 and 9 also.
    I hope Mitchell has committed? What about Jon?

  6. Obbly Gobbly (Pudding and Pie?) says:

    Did you know that Diane is Robert Burns’ daughter?

  7. Yep, I’m in. I have a spare trike if anyone wants to do it the sensible, recumbent way.

    • Mark says:

      Great stuff Chris,
      I knew you were an early adopter. Just you, me and Leah so far… We have a three person tent, so all good.

  8. Leah says:

    Brilliant, once again.

    My (selfish) preference is to combine days 8 and 9 as I have to leave Melbourne on the 7th to be back in Brisbane on the 8th to collect Annaliese from the airport and I’d really like to be able to do the whole trip this time. And we’ll all be fit by then, yeah? And surely it’s all downhill from then on.

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