Who among us has not secretly coveted a BRT (bicycle related tattoo)?

Lets examine the possibilities.

From the full on “tramp stamp” … whatever the male equivalent is.

A discreet chain ring..

..or not…

Is it a tattoo?

..or a grease-mark of shame?

Sometimes its easy to tell:

Sometimes not:

A very rare left hand crank tattoo.

You just don’t see bikes with left-hand cracks .. unless they’re self-drawn tattoos using a mirror:

This guy is trying to drill down to the Ezekiel code. No chance.

Disembodied wings on the pedals?

Sure, its a French bike brand:

This one in progress:

This has meaning:

This has meaning:

This has meaning:

This has meaning:

A triple ? Not sure if this has meaning:

This one high maintenance, keeping the tan lines sharp:

And the “I thought it might as well be useful…” tattoo:

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4 Responses to BRTs

  1. obblyg says:

    Virtuously I confess that the bicycle-related tattoo is not an item I have coveted, although if they were drop-bars in the first photo … . I have worn the discreet and not-so-discreet chain rings of shame. Perhaps some cotter pins on my biceps?

  2. Leah says:

    Hmm. Mark, are you shamelessly whoring for search engine hits?

    • Mark says:

      I am hurt that you think that I would trivialise my bike obsession. If I wanted more search engine hits I’d use something like:
      “Hot chicks on fixies with tatoos playing bike polo”
      OK, that should get some hits.

      • Anonymous says:

        I bet ‘Hot chicks on fixies with Livestrong tattoos playing bike polo’ would work better.

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