Things I didn’t tell you (Part 1)

The last hill.

Those of you aware of where Malcolm lives, may have noticed that the route on the last day doesn’t actually end at his place.

This is because he lives on top of a mountain. To end there would add another 18 km and 428 m ascent onto the last day.

However, as you are probable already aware, the “Climbing Cyclist” has recently catalogue all of Victoria’s hills. (Yes, every single one:

Apparently, the most popular of all of these is called the “One in Twenty”, a full description given here:
The 1 in 20 is Melbourne’s most popular cycling climb. Winding its way up Mountain Highway from The Basin to Sassafras this gentle climb provides a fantastic way for cyclists of all abilities to test themselves.
The climb gets its name from the average gradient with which it climbs up into the Dandenong Ranges National Park. Like so many of the roads running through the Dandenongs, this section of Mountain Highway is truly breathtaking with its wide variety of native flora and fauna

I was initially confused; first thinking that One-In-Twenty was the name of a meat pie, and next thinking that surely they meant the “One –In – 23.08” as the 6.75 km climb from the Basin to Sassafras has a 4.2% average gradient.

In fact, this is the very hill up to Malcolm’s place, the one we hurtled down at the beginning of the 2009 Epic.

We are faced with the prospect that people may view our avoidance of Melbourne’s most popular climb as less than Epic.

James has alerted me to the full range of disappointed facial expressions that Dana Scully can bring to bear on people she disapproves of.
More Dana judgement looks here.
I think we best move the hill from avoidance to optional. Map here: map For those that wish to move from optional to “challenge accepted”, the record is 12 min 49 sec.

Further to the epicness of the “One in Twenty” hill climb, is that it is one of only 3 climbs in Victoria officially designated by the NTID Cycling Program is the official cycling talent identification hill-climbing website of the Australian Sports Commission’s National Talent Identification and Development (NTID) program. If you think you have what it takes to be an Olympian make sure you enter all required fields needed to assess your ability.”
If you complete one of the designated NTID climbs and choose to have your time assessed by the NTID Cycling Team and your results are identified as above average, you may be contacted to undergo further assessment for your suitability for elite cycling

However, if you don’t get that phone call, don’t worry, you have already been assessed as suitable for Epic Cycling.

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4 Responses to Things I didn’t tell you (Part 1)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sassafras is where Mrs Miggins Pie shop is + assorted bicycle cafes.

    It’s not a hill, it’s a volcano.

    I get it, I really do. But there is a backside to the volcano – one could take this shorter route rather than heading for the longer climb (and since we do approach from that direction). I understand the kudos, the rights and the stories we could tell our grandchildren. But such ostentatious display? Have I told you of my plan to climb the 7th highest mountain on every continent? Never been done to my knowledge …

  2. 888riley says:

    I am troubled by this post. The climb from the Basin to Sassafras does look suitably epic. But surely the route only takes us halfway up? Is Sassafras a rest point, where we take on Oxygen before pressing on to One Tree Hill?

    Also, what’s the difference between “avoidance” and “optional”? I’m confused.

    • Mark says:

      Things I didn’t tell you (Part 2)

      James, you’re way ahead of me. Yes the map only shows the “one-in-twenty” 6.7 km section that NTID has their yellow markings on. The route to malcolms (see map link) involves another 3km (and 90 m) climb. However, it is quite possible that the “most popular climb in Melbourne” ends in Sassafras because Mt Dandenong Tourist Rd becomes a death trap after this. (Malcolm?)
      Avoidance = denial (“what hill?”)
      Optional = “OK, thats a big hill, wheres the car?”
      Personally I have no problem with receiving Dana Scully looks,

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