More Merchandise

The T-shirts are done and dusted. Elegant, sauve and dignified; the embodiment of après velo style and an instant classic:

The espresso cups are finalised, shown here before entering the kiln:

The reverse side shown below is to remind us that, while we are all individually awesome, it is only together that we make complete sense:

“As for their rims, they were so high they were awesome; and their rims were full of eyes, all around the four of them.” – Ezekiel 1:18

The espresso cups are cunningly designed to hide lipstick smudges:

Remember, these collector items are valued at $100 and will never be offered again:

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2 Responses to More Merchandise

  1. Malcolm says:

    Yes please! Where do I remit payment? Under your front mat?

  2. Miranda ;) says:

    beautiful – what more is there to say? I will be the first to say – put me down for one! Epic here we come…:)

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