8 weeks to go!

I can only imagine the advanced training programs that are being carry out at this very moment in preparation for this year’s epic. For those that still need a plan: Cycle Queensland’s 8 week program here.

Oh, and by the way, things I didn’t tell you (part III):
(day 8 & 9 are combined)

The scary thing is that most days have a similar total ascent. Up-down-up-down-up is almost as bad as up-up-up-up. This is a hard ride.

So is this one: Sea2Summit “… arguably Australia’s toughest and most rewarding single day cycling event. Participants have described it as life changing.”

But luckily people are making appropriate preparations (you are, aren’t you). For example, one of us has a new shoulder:

Two others have recently broken their elbows from bike falls. All three are female. Higher pain threshold and more brittle bones. Evolution in action.

Tips in “Info” on the right hand sidebar ->

Here’s some more inspiration:




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