Accommodation Finalised!

With the $1K capital raised by your individual Epic contributions, it’s time for a share-holders report. While I have invested the bulk of the monies into a Nigerian scheme that was just too good to pass up, the remainder has gone towards:

1. Bike Invention This guy approached me with this great idea for an invention. Any argument against investing in it was simply irrelevant:

2. Coffee Investment
After scouring the internet for coffee, I have procured a large supply of E.S.E. Handpresso pods, “the perfect traditional Neapolitan blend”, directly from Naples. “Intenso Arabica”, Prodotto Italianno. “To achieve this we have passion, technique, strength and determination.”

Substantial savings are expected to be realised in day-to-day operations utilising the existing infrastructure (handpresso & espresso cups) resulting in positive cash flow scenarios. i.e. We should save at coffee shops. Plus what ever we can sell to other patrons and passers-by. And thus is your investment leveraged.

3. Accommodation finalised
In less pressing matters:

Day 1 Mimosa National Park: Camping.
At the bottom of a treacherous steep dirt road. Pit toilets. Bring own water. No booking necessary.

Day 2 Pambula: tent sites booked, no cabins.
Pambula Beach Caravan Park Resort: “No worries, minimum four nights stay. But I’ll make it $650 for the lot of youse.”
Pambula Town Caravan Park: “Hmm, You know we’re not the beach caravan park? OK, lets say $10 each” (From Google earth it seems to be the town oval & the changerooms)

Day 3: Wyndham: Robbie Burns Pub. 4 rooms booked. (Over loud background noise) “Accommodation? Hmm Righto, why not, we were thinking of starting something like that anyway.”

Day 4: Bombala: Caravan Park “No mate, Dale’s running that now, just turn up. It’s down on the river.”

Day 5: Delegate: Nurses Cottage booked. (via Delegate progress association). “We’re not open Saturday, so you’ll have to pick up the keys from the cafe opposite the pub. Just leave the money in the letter box when you go.” Celebrate NYE and the Riley’s 200th. (I’ll be surprised if we make it past 9pm).

Day 6: Goongerah: Camp site.
We missed out on this fantastic house that is self-sufficient with solar power and has its own waterwheel! “Sorry (especially for your Mum) but we’re book out then, but there are some good camping spots near the back gate”
For some of the flavour of the goings on in Goongerah (pop.60) watch this

The Maggitz vs Ded Hedz footie game.

Day 7: Orborst: Caravan Park. Paid.

Day 8: Bairnsdale: Mitchell River Caravan Park Booked.

Day 9: Stratford: Kath ‘n Lu (warmshowers): “We have a comfy bed for your mum.” And they have a Jack Russell.

Day 10: Moe: Ron (warmshowers): “I’ll mow the grass short out the back for you and lay on a BBQ in the nearby park.”

Day 11: Noojee: House booked. “No, sorry, can’t be done. Well… OK, three can sleep inside and the rest camp in the yard. Umm, by the way, the place is for sale.”

Day 12: Mal’s place.

Summary: Best $100 investment ever.

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One Response to Accommodation Finalised!

  1. Support Vehicle says:

    This is going to be an epic Epic! It gathers momentum as it goes along. Can’t wait for Delegate in the Nurses cottage NYE and YR 200! I’ll bring the sparklers.

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