The Taper

We are now entering the crucial last week before we set off. This is when it is safest to do absolutely nothing at all.

Too late for training. You certainly shouldn’t be training with the Melbourne Storm:
I cringe to see million dollar matchstick limbs with a football. Rumour has it that GreenEdge are working on a team song that is a Tom Petty re-mix.

Everyone’s relaxing: Here we see some Liquigas riders in the sauna, growing cultures in their chamois:

Meanwhile Contador’s working on a new victory salute (the pinky-bang) during a team-bonding session:

Before having some serious second thoughts about the days activities:

-Are YOU prepared? Is your bike fully pimped? with a clean drive-train and looking fully awesome?

Unguents and their like: These both look like ice-cream, they’re not the same. I suspect the people that make this stuff do it on purpose.

See our previous advice here, and application tips (Ukraine translation) here:

For fast legs:

Magic tape:

Some days will go like this:

followed by:

then then you may look around, and have the following reaction:

Yes, the “Double Rainbow” meme. A double rainbow, all the way, across the sky. It’s so intense. What does it mean? With 31 million views it’s got to mean something.

“They” say that the mental preparation is the hardest part. I’m spending the last 2 weeks committing the above to memory. It’s possible (and she’s good!):

Here is my first attempt:

Vinnie is bringing a guitar, so we’ll be able to do this:

or this (indie)

or this (metal)

or this (sponge bob)

I digress. James is going for Beowulf; Leah will be doing the Wife of Bath Prologue. I’m sure Scott has something up his sleeve.

Looking for an Ezekiel experience?

Other days may be more like:

or you may experience “bicycle” rapture:

Remember, skin grows back and memory fades!
See you at Narooma.

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2 Responses to The Taper

  1. Miranda ;) says:

    so, if doing nothing is best, why is our taper getting on the bike in peek hour traffic…eekkk

    but still we would not have found the best coffee otherwise

    vinnie is primed to learn double rainbow…we shall see how he goeth

  2. Malcolm says:

    check out the guy with his backbone coming out through his front! (2nd picture from the end). In all honesty? My taper isn’t taking me there at the moment, but early days …

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