day 0: The prologue

The 2011 Epic beginnings. These are the facts (or the things I made up). They are not in dispute (unless someone wants to correct me).

Christmas Eve. Carb loading:

Christmas Day. Carb loading:
(What, there was turkey too?)

We converge on Narooma. Seven hours of arse hardening courtesy of Premier Bus Services.

Boxing Day. Un-boxing the bikes and getting them fully pimped. Carb loading.

Some are despondent at missing the Epic cut:

We do the annual 5 minute wait for Chris “no show”, then Leah ritually smashes his espresso cup. Unfortunately she overdoes it and takes out half the peloton. “EZEKIEL1:18” will continue as “EKE:1”.

Tomorrow we ride.

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3 Responses to day 0: The prologue

  1. Scott says:

    I enjoyed the fact that Boxing Day became un-boxing day. I would like to know how Leah smashed the cup/s, as mine is especially resilient. I carefully wrapped it in socks for the trip home. Once home I threw the socks — unusually heavy as they were — to the floor. My “colon” mug gave a resounding crack, but no crack appeared.

  2. Chris Fotis says:

    You only waited 5 minutes for me??????

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