day 2: Mimosa – Pambula

All is tranquillo

Depart: 6:24; arr: 3:30; dist: 59.7km; saddle: 3h 37m; ave: 16.1k/h; ascent: 1014m.
Total Dist.:119.9km; Total Asc.:1992m.

more data

What could be better than an early morning walk up a 5 km hill?
All is tranquillo, with a 13°C morning through leafy forest.

Tathra: big second breakfast, demolish bakery.

Leah buys a $5 bolt for her cleat in bike shop. Falls out in one day.
A Japanese tourist pushes baby pram on Tathra wharf. Can’t understand why he’s copping abuse.

Munn family welcome.

A close-up of the signage. Flames are what we are all about.

Fantastic lunch at just the right time. Spirits are flagging as the traffic along the Sapphire Coast Hwy is uncomfortable/borderline suicidal.

The hosts:
Jeff, Margie, Robin, Kara. We extract a promise from Kara to ride next year.

The gang: Badass!

Get onto bike trail into Pambula. Town Caravan Park is attached to a trailer park across from the bottle shop. The caretaker is very attentive and organises tables and chairs for our use.

Scott arrives with boxed bike and starts assembling:

Almost finished:

A mercy dash supplies us with much needed mince pies.
Matthew shows that he too knows all about helmet hair.

Pasta, wine, song. The world is complete.

The peloton now consists of 7 riders and 1 support driver.

The day has been tough. 1000m+ ascent and lots of traffic in 2nd half. And yet the hill-climbing odyssey has only just begun…

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