day 4: Wyndham – Bombala

The Great Dividing Range

Depart: 6:27; arr: 11:30; dist: 51.9km; saddle: 3h 4m; ave: 16.8k/h; ascent: 1024m.
Total Dist.:198.8km; Total Asc.:3703m.

more data

Heading due west, we chase our shadows in the dawn light. There is a mountain range. We attack. Is this a forest or are the Ents moving in on Vinnie?

We are climbing but the gradient is modest. Microsoft offers an artistic interpretation of Scott:

Time for another handpresso stop:

Lulu kept on a short lead:

I think I said something rude to Miranda here, insert own caption:

This was actually a beautiful view of the escarpment.
Sometimes cameras can’t catch it, you had to be there.

The top of the mighty peak:

2nd breakfast at Cathcart, where we see a furphy:

BTW – Catch 22: “…it all goes to the syndicate. And everybody has a share. Don’t you understand? It’s exactly what happens with those plum tomatoes I sell to Colonel Cathcart.”

The reading days:

Toilets at the memorial hall are closed, but a local stops his car and says he knows how to get in through the back. Inside treasures:

Arrive in Bombala. This was built for the land speed record (V12 WWII aircraft engine):

And no, it’s not getting any better:

In case you didn’t notice, Leah has been wearing a cycling “skort” from Team Estrogen. It’s just like the cycling scene from “Sound of Music”:

We at Xmas Epic pride ourselves at being at the cutting edge of cycling comfort. In the Bombala Main St, Leah lifts the Skort to reveal the induced ribbing pattern on the leg, designed to create laminar flow to save up to 2% effort (yes, this one IS worth double-clicking for a closeup).

(Leah is also testing some 2XU knicks with a female specific chamois that can only be described as “technical”.)

Dale is our caravan park host and he does us a special deal ‘cos he likes cyclists. A quality park. It has both sink plugs and shower heaters. We relax and put the seat covers on:

We do the refueling thing:

Another mighty day with over 1000m ascent, chewing stem and humping top tube. But, it’s all downhill from here, right?

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