day 5: Bombala – Delegate

The “200th” NYE

Depart: 7:15; arr: 9:30; dist: 39.5km; saddle: 1h 57m; ave: 20.0k/h; ascent: 563m.
Total Dist.:238.3km; Total Asc.:4266m.

more data

Malcolm rejoined us yesterday from dropping his car at Eden, while Dad leaves us (leaving his car) and catches a bus back to Canberra.
Short day, so we sleep in for an extra hour, but still arrive at Delegate by 9:30 am. We are careful leaving the Bombala CP:
as the banks crumble into the river with vicious platypuses. We see none there, but stop at the pool outside of town. And we see lots of them.

They’re a bit like a duck wake without the duck. A hint of fur. Double-click on the above pic and you will see it.

Next we pass a lot of pine plantations. Here we observe a disgruntled shareholder.

Scott invested with Willmott Forests and they went bust. They also took a lot of the Delegate town with it. Many farms were bought out and families moved away. The number of teachers at the school halved. Promises of money coming into the town never happened. Not much left of Delegate for a town that was once on the short list to be the capital of Australia: general store, pub. It still has a pretty park though:

And a famous war memorial:

It marks the start of the 1st and 2nd Snowy Mountains Marches in WW1. The very little horse (brumby?) sitting on top of pink snowy mtn granite:

The Nurses Quarters are spic and span, but no nurses. It is next to the empty Wilmot headquarters and we restrain Scott.

The 31st December 2011 is the date where the ages of all four Riley brothers add up to 200 years. Exactly, no fudges, the symmetry is perfect. We are today seated precisely astride the MAMIL (Middle Aged Men In Lycra) and VOMIT (Very Old Men In Tights) divide. But none of us are laughing (except Vinnie).
That evening, the town prepares a celebration for us and diverts the highway from the Main St. Here we see some simple country folk guiding traffic:

Back at the pub, the band is warming up:

The Jumping Castle is going off:

Then the Poddy Dodgers are on:

By sheer force of will we stay up to 10pm, then stagger home. But I will leave you with some Delegate dance moves.

Tomorrow we cross our Rubicon (the Delegate river, well actually only Malcolm does it properly) and enter Victoria.

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