day 6: Delegate – Goongerah

Big Sky Bonong Highway

Depart: 6:21; arr: 10:30; dist: 63.5km; saddle: 3h 39m; ave: 17.0k/h; ascent: 563m.
Total Dist.:301.8km; Total Asc.:4829m.

Another day, another year, another dawn. The caravan moves on.

Dawn light makes everything look pretty:

Miranda “I eat hills for breakfast” on the way up.
Breaks spoke, front brake backed of, but doesn’t matter: she walks the hills going down.

How to cross a border.
(i) Get an Oppy.
(ii) Just go for it.

The highest altitude of the trip. Thighs of Ironbark.

Early new years day, Bonong highway. We see no cars but our own in the first 4 hours.

Log trucks all asleep.

Some handpresso action. James works on a pumping victory salute.

See: in Victoria it’s kangaroo over wombat.

Arrive Gongerah campsite:

Naked hippies in the river. A quick excursion to the Chinamen’s tunnel. Dug through solid rock of an oxbow to expose the river bed.

The “Big Dog” log at Bendoc:

We get lost on the way back. But all is under control:

Mal: “You see Vinnie, this is how camping works. We light the fire and the girls do the rest.”

We forgot to do this last night.

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