day 7: Goongerah – Orbost

To the Snowy River

Depart: 6:37; arr: 10:30; dist: 71.0km; saddle: 2h 40m; ave: 23.9k/h; ascent: 689m.
Total Dist.:372.8km; Total Asc.:5518m.

more data

No photos. After 3 days of wilderness, everybody’s batteries are flat. Except for the bike computer:

A couple of more photos from yesterday:

Malcolm casts a critical eye over Miranda’s sandwich: “hmmm, too much salt.”

You know you’ve been away too long when you get excited about a double contrail (all the way across the sky).

Land of wonders:

This was another great day in the saddle with long downhills. Much like in the above video, but all seal road today. At Orbost we swim in the Snowy River; fantastic, waist deep, running fast. We get nipped by crabs(?). Wendy & James run Mal back to Eden to deal with his car. Much debate about dinner. We decide on multiple pizzas and burgers. A woman goes postal in the pizza place. East Gippsland railtrail tomorrow with a heat wave forecasted. We’ll aim for a 5:00 am start.

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