day 9: Bairnsdale – Stratford

Wind, Hail and Ephemeral Art

Depart: 6:23; arr: 11:30; dist: 63.6km; saddle: 3h 24m; ave: 18.6k/h; ascent: 407m.
Total Dist.:537.4km; Total Asc.:6780m.

more data

If yesterday was our day in Hell, today we battle across a windswept tundra.

It really is this windy:

However, we are alive. We have come through the otherside. Time to frolic and make art.

Bike portraits of people’s auras:





The signs are different. Albino wombat:

Even the trees are enigmatic in their messages:


There was also an eclectic one that said “udon”.

The good people at Bengworden have been beset by the guerilla knitters.

The Vulcan makes the hissing sound. James makes the FFS! sound.

While waiting for the support vehicle, Miranda makes ephemeral art, while James works on the artistic statement.

I hope I’m not being remiss by revealing here that James has a vision. It involves a tree made upside down. Not just any tree, but a particular tree with a tripod branching structure. The quest to find the “right” tree has become a “road trip within a road trip” – a form of meta art. When James now sees a tree, he is picturing it upside down. I’m sure we will be hearing more about “the tree project” in the future.
They seem to have had similar ideas around here:

Of course, there are other forms of art:

We’re a long way from Kansas, Toto….

The wind increases, then sleet, 30 seconds of hail, and a torrent of rain.

We get into Stratford early enough for a 2nd breakfast closely followed by a first lunch, and encamp in the Dutch cafe. We then head into Sale to catch Tintin in 3D. Highly recommended.

Tonight we are hosted by Kim and Lu. Great to talk bike with others. Lu recovering from being hit by car just before her planned bike trip across Mongolia. Kim is a pilot and fly maker. Both all-round adventurers. Hope to see you in Brissie guys!
Also home to two very obedient dogs and a stick insect. Pub dinner. Deep sleep.

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2 Responses to day 9: Bairnsdale – Stratford

  1. Anonymous says:

    A disturbing development – 3 of 9 days had an elevation of 563m. Coincidence, fine tuning or a defect in the abacus?

    • Mark says:

      Well spotted anonymous! Day 5 and 6 were indeed the same 563m according to Mr Garmin, which disturbed me too. Day 8 was my mistake from a cut and paste. To be honest, the now “corrected” value of 800m is only an estimate based on the reading when the computer gave up, proportional completion etc, etc.

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