day 10: Stratford – Moe

Cow Country – Green Coal – Pup Redemption

Depart: 6:49; arr: 4:00; dist: 95.7km; saddle: 5h 01m; ave: 18.7k/h; ascent: 483m.
Total Dist.:633.1km; Total Asc.:7263m.

more data

Packed the lawnmower away and ready to go. Mum looking ethereal.

Kim ‘n Lu’s A-frame abode.

The river Avon in early morning light.

The cycle-path forks. Farewell to Scott who will go to Sale to get fastest way home to see his Dad in hospital.

Another rail trail.

Big Truck Milk Country.

One disadvantage with starting early. You miss things that are still closed, like the Beet Museum.

Vinnie attacks the near vertical rail-trail.

A big Anna Meares engine:

Another Anna Meares look-alike.

Some parts of the trail are rough.

Yeah, but imagine what these would look like up-side down.

We see our first sign to Melbourne; via Cow-war, we take it.

The Beast. There is a lot to like here. Devils head over crossed spanners. Flames. Robot like riveting. This is high art without the statement.
A guy appears n the verandah. “32,000” he shouts out. “30,000” we hear faintly as we disappear around the corner. Make sure you complete the “Ezekiel Beast” quiz.

Getting out-numbered here.

A guy, a quad, a herd of nervous cows. We wait this one out. Cowwar, Timboon. Here, we are very disappointed to find both the “Ned Kelly” and the “Fat Bastard ” pies are unavailable.

Big sky with smoke plumes from La Trobe Valley power stations.

The Old Brown Coal Museum. A museum is the only place where you can find brown coal these days.

La Trobe valley only has green coal power stations…
and Big Sky cloud-makers:

Finally into Moe after detour to find a Pub to watch Pup get his triple century. Scott rejoins after finding Kebab shop. The quickest way home is forward. Moe is a town living down a bad reputation. We meet Ron who is a bike-tourer too, and he opens his house to us. He knows just what we need. i) Cool-down food: sliced rock-melon; and ii) Carbs: Large bowls of curry vegies with rice.

Ron built the ski-tube in a previous life: He’s currently planning “the big bike trip”. Hope you plan to pass through Brisbane, Ron!

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