day 11: Moe – Noojee

The Vision

Depart: 6:34; arr: 11:30; dist: 58.0km; saddle: 3h 07m; ave: 18.4k/h; ascent: 956m.
Total Dist.:691.1km; Total Asc.:8219m.

more data

Again, the morning light beautiful. Even if some of the mist is from cooling towers:

We climb out of the La trobe valley. Mt Baw Baw appears.

Ned Kelly

Don’t touch the brows, Vinnie. This is a look of envy.

A motorbikes stops, it’s Mal and he gives us succour.

But wait, I sense something…

Some people have a third eye. I have been cultivating a third eyebrow for just this occasion. It starts twitching:

Over there:

Can it be?

Its, its, its …. OMG, OMG: a wheel with a wheel! An Ezekiel wheel surveying the whole valley. Waiting for us. You can tell it’s been there for centuries. Waiting.

We approach gingerly

We fall to our knees (like Sean Penn in Tree of Life) and are smote by a shaft of sun-light from a nearby star that threads the wheel and pierces our very souls…..

Giddy stuff. We are allowed to enter paradise. This is what paradise looks like:

-set to the tune of Pink Floyd’s “Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict

Paradise is pretty:



Meanwhile James’ puncture days are over, so he breaks a chain. Simply too much power.

Decisions, decisions.

Finally arrive at another A-frame:

And here we capture the moment that Vinnie’s finger is mistaken by Lulu for a smackers:

Lulu also protecting us against anything with an engine that she can’t sleep in:

2nd lunch. James, instead of burning a jaffle, burns the Jaffle iron itself.

Wonder woman with Jaffle glove.

“Whatever you do, don’t stop eating…”

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2 Responses to day 11: Moe – Noojee

  1. LuLu says:

    I am pleased to report that no injuries were incurred as a result of the action of small engines.

  2. kankinya says:

    Great beautiful countryside in the video but where are the little furry animals?

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