Twelve days of Christmas, twelve dawn skies.

The road trip of self-discovery. What did we discover? Well: 12 days, 780 km, 9597 m ascent for a total cost of $271 pp*. We discovered that this sort of thing is only possible by sponging off others:

This years EPIC sponsors:

Gold sponsors
Wendy Directeur Sportif
Silver sponsors
Glen Alternate Car, lawn mower, ginger beer
Kath n Lu Putting us up at Stratford
Mal Car, Motor bike provisions, accommodation at end
Munn family Lunch on Day 2
Ron Putting us up at Moe
Bronze sponsors
James Cafe scouting, photo/video, artistic direction
JJLKM Mince pies & cakes
Leah Morning alarm calls
Mark E.S.E. pods, beer
Miranda Handpresso, art
Scott Wine, restaurant reconnoitres
Vinnie USB charger, cables

*Airfares and $2300 Jackeroo bill not included.

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5 Responses to Aftermath

  1. Mark says:

    Some kind words from our hosts:

  2. Ducatiboy says:

    Heard about the Jackaroo bill…ouch!!!

    • Mal says:

      After comprehensive research on the interwebs, the consensus is that Jackaroo owners are pleased to pay the regular repair bills to be driving such a magnificant utility vehicle. Holden don’t make them anymore because they were so popular that people bought one, and never bought another vehicle. I have one available for a modest consideration.

      [Meantime the BMW needs a front ABS sensor and a rear suspension rebuild. I accidentally cleaned it and found a broken spoke – that would explain what I thought was a final drive whine and vibration].

  3. Mal says:

    Less than $25 a day, or less than 3c a vertical metre for all the adventure you can poke a stick at – good value in anyone’s book. Thanks for your organisation, Mark …

  4. Miranda ;) says:

    Yes, thank you one and all for a life changing experience, hills will never be the same….I like to eat them for breakfast, but still struggle with letting go on the other side…;)

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