Epilogue: Melbourne to Canberra (Part Two)

Day Three: Benalla to Wangaratta, 57kms with total ascent of 119m
I have just one photo of Benalla, which is a great shame because it really is a very pretty town. Here it is, a slouch hat with barrel pointing down.

Benalla slouch hat: Muzzle down

After an Epic ride yesterday, I planned to keep the ride short. And I had once roomed with a bloke from Wangaratta so I decided to stop there and have a look. But its still incredibly hot so the day’s main ambition was to get to a cinema. Success.

First Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, which moves the franchise from the “bromance” genre to the “steamy bromance” sub-genre. Stephen Fry steals the movie with his nude scene with Rachel McAdams. When I emerge from the cinema, its still too hot to move, so I go straight back inside to see Warhorse, which was a bit like E.T, except with a horse. And more people snot-sobbing around me in the theatre.

Wang’s a great little town. I had been expecting an undertone of bogan violence in a town populated by fat ugly people. Not that I am in any way judgemental about such things. But what I find is the opposite. Wang is a town populated by sporty and pleasant-looking people of even temperament and mild disposition. Even in KMart.

Which is where I find myself searching for a horn with which to pimp my ride. The Vulcan is uneasy about the horn, which squeaks like a very large and very loud rat. Every time I get on or off the bike now is accidently accompanied by the sounding of the horn. It never gets old.

Yes it's a horn

Wangaratta also boasts a stellar ANZAC obelisk and a cast 1843 cannon. It is also home to the famed Kelly Country Classic.

Queen Victorian-era boom boom


It was a great ride between Benalla and Wangaratta. Started early on a good, dead flat road that runs parallel to the Hume. I stopped at Glenrowan for a ridiculously big second breakfast. Great caravan park


Packing up in the Wangaratta pre-dawn: Hardcore

Day Four: Wangaratta – Corowa – Howlong – Burrumbuttock – Walla Walla. 119 km, 254 metre total ascent
As I pack up the tent for a dawn start, I realise I had way too much time on my hands in Wangratta. Which has resulted in some fearsome facial hair-tampering. It makes me feel French.

Has anyone seen my baguette?

A dead straight Federation Way takes me pretty much all the way to Corowa, beautiful little river town on the Murray. I cross the Tim Fischer Bridge into New South Wales. This is what a lifetime in state and federal politics gets you.

Everyone loves Tim Fischer

Murray at Corowa

It was an overcast and cool morning, and although it heats up in the afternoon was a beautiful day’s ride. Corowa is the highlight, with a stupidly large second breakfast on a great looking country main street (including art deco pub).

Corowa: A beautiful place on the Murray that is not the birthplace of Larry Corowa

After Corowa I take the Riverina Highway (pleasant, with shoulder and not a lot of traffic) to Howlong, then the Howlong Road to Burrumbuttock and Walla Walla.


Long, straight flat roads let the mind wander. This is not a good thing, leading to sad and unfortunate video taking.

It gets worse.

Managed a pie in Howlong (and acquired a splendid bike-pimping flower) and headed to Burrumbuttock then Walla Walla.

Flatlands: The road to Burrumbuttock

I put on my best Cadelface, being careful not to go full retard. Never go full retard.


That's not a Cadelface. *This* is a Cadelface.

Pimping the Vulcan in Walla Walla, as I tip my hat to Jens Voight

Free camping at Walla Walla. And for a one pub/two bowser town, it has great ANZAC memorials …

Nice Walla Walla typeface

Tomorrow I write up the ride to one of my old stomping grounds, Wagga Wagga.

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4 Responses to Epilogue: Melbourne to Canberra (Part Two)

  1. Mark says:

    Rule #50: Facial hair is to be carefully regulated: No full beards, no moustaches.

    Actually the five and dime rules are the most important, and Chopper Reid did say moustaches were integral for #5. So you’re probably OK.

  2. ducatiboy says:

    The only thing more disturbing than that moustache is a town with the name Burrumbuttock.

    How long did you stay in Howlong?

  3. stevecycle says:

    caught up with all the posts now….sooo jealous. bike packed up now, hope DHL treat it gently

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