new photos!

Breakfast in the pre-dawn gloom. What could possibly be going through their minds?

lights on for breakfast

A new camera has been unearthed! Click on photos to enlarge to fully appreciate the facial expressions, the facial hair, the tan-lines and the muscle definition.
day 1:

“The men waved their hats, the ladies their umbrellas. One felt they would have liked to touch the steel muscles of the most courageous champions since antiquity. " - L’Auto on the start of the first Tour de France

You're argument is irrelevant, I have a camera on my head.

Wide stance.

Seal's fingernails

day 2:

Munn's Lunch

day 3:

Empty stage

day 4:

Bonjour Monsieur, ça va?

You put your right foot in, you put your right foot out, you put your right foot in and you shake it all about....

day 5:

spic and span

day 6:

adventure dog

Town meeting place

day 7:
Ducati in trouble:

Scott: "Listen up lads. A triple crankset, triple water bottles. Minimum."

day 8:

Much like the Yalta conference: a triptych of power dressing. Lots of stuff going on here. Scott reads the code message in the Age's crossword. and gives the signal. James looks aghast: not a first strike! Mark has handpresso primed and reaches for the launch codes.

No! Scott quickly gives the abort sign. James relays, stand down! Mark clenches thighs and foils rocket launch. Lulu laps the caffeine overflow.


We now have a situation. The thermos is hot. Mark reads the disarm instructions.

Leah: The whole of western Europe??

James: Do you need some tools?

Who looks the most like Eddy Merckx?

Applying the betadine:

Mark: that's pretty funny, James.

Miranda: the foot of authority

Leah: Hoogerland

Bike preening

$65 tyre. Flat the next day.

day 9:

The third eyebrow is growing on Leah. (Actually growing on Mark)

Can we swap you for this one?

Bye, Lulu!

day 10:

Clean coal. Dirty methane.

day 11:

Another meeting. "Everyone keep eating."

Mark: You just hit it really hard...

day 12:

Powelly Pub: self catered coffee.

Rolling durries. Just kidding: unwrapping a lolly and opening espresso pod.

Free challenge. Take one.


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2 Responses to new photos!

  1. Wendy Riley says:

    I have a good laugh every time I see these pictures and I find myself drawn to them regularly!

  2. 888riley says:

    Great suff Mark … the pics of us rolling durries outside the Powelly pub are classic. I am especially impressed with the presentation of the Merida – resting easily in the Big Ring, cranks at the vertical, helmet clipped on in accordance The Rules, and only the smallest squintillion of a square centimetre of seat leaning on the post. Aesthetic purists might argure it should have been positioned on the *outside* of the post, I think the peace of mind you’ve given yourself by keeping the bike within arm’s reach is worth it. Incidently, I think this is where I suffered the first of the horrific handpresso injuries that I sustained this year.

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