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Breakfast in the pre-dawn gloom. What could possibly be going through their minds? Advertisements

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Twelve days of Christmas, twelve dawn skies.

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day 12: Noojee – Mals

The Grand Finale Depart: 6:24; arr: 2:15; dist: 89.0km; saddle: 4h 50m; ave: 18.4k/h; ascent: 1378m. Total Dist.:780.1km; Total Asc.:9597m.

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day 11: Moe – Noojee

The Vision Depart: 6:34; arr: 11:30; dist: 58.0km; saddle: 3h 07m; ave: 18.4k/h; ascent: 956m. Total Dist.:691.1km; Total Asc.:8219m.

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day 10: Stratford – Moe

Cow Country – Green Coal – Pup Redemption Depart: 6:49; arr: 4:00; dist: 95.7km; saddle: 5h 01m; ave: 18.7k/h; ascent: 483m. Total Dist.:633.1km; Total Asc.:7263m.

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day 9: Bairnsdale – Stratford

Wind, Hail and Ephemeral Art Depart: 6:23; arr: 11:30; dist: 63.6km; saddle: 3h 24m; ave: 18.6k/h; ascent: 407m. Total Dist.:537.4km; Total Asc.:6780m.

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day 8: Orbost – Bairnsdale

There Will Be Blood Depart: 5:39; arr: 3:30; dist: 101km; saddle: 5h 40m; ave: 17.8k/h; ascent: 800m. Total Dist.:473.8km; Total Asc.:6373m.

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