There is no carbon in this years fleet. And yet each of these bikes are so rare and famous that they have their own web sites.

Kästell: A heavy duty hybrid made from finest Swiss panzer tubing. Looking at its most awesome: Drive side, big ring.

Merida: From the finest Taiwanese craftspeople, it can can also make espresso. Looking bullet-proof: Drive side, big ring.

Nikishi: Made from the same high tensile CrMoly as Japanese Zeros. Looking all of 27″: Drive side, big ring.

Oppy A4: Upholding the legend. Looking sinuous: Drive side, big ring.

Synapse: Triaxial, hydroformed tubing. Need I say more. Looking pretty: Drive side, big ring.

Venom: In British racing purple colourway. Rechristened Vulcan. Looking insolent: Drive side, big ring.

Viner: Lightweight Italian ’80s thoroughbred. A bladed killer. Looking audacious: Drive side, big ring.


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