day date dest. km (m) accom
0 26/12 Narooma 0(0) 44 Ballangalla St, Narooma
1 27/12 MimosaRocks 58.7 (759) Mimosa Rocks Nat Park campsite
2 28/12 Pambula 58.2 (760) Pambula Town CP, Narregol St
3 29/12 Wyndham 27.4 (443) Robbie Burns Hotel
4 30/12 Bombala 50.6 (831) Bombala CP, Mahratta St
5 31/12 Delegate 35.2 (326) Nurse’s Cottage, Corrowong Rd
6 1/1 Goongerah 57.8 (437) Goongerah Camp Gnd
7 2/1 Oborst 71.4 (486) Oborst CP, Lochiel St
8 3/1 Bairnsdale 99.2 (489) Mitchell Gardens Holiday Park
9 4/1 Stratford 65.1 (143) Kim n Lu, Stratford
11 5/1 Moe 88.0 (281) Ron, May St, Moe
12 6/1 Noojee 59.0 (776) A-frame, School Rd, Noojee
13 7/1 Montrose 70.9 (576) Mal’s place
  totals: 742 (6310)  

Elevation profile:

Historical data on the daily average speeds on the previous tours:

Transport options pour le Grand Départ:
Murrays Coaches: Canb-Narooma: $30 (+$20 boxed bike)

Premier Buses Sydney – Narooma (2x day) $58 (+$25 boxed bike)

Rex Airlines: Syd-Moruya $138 (bike part of 20kg luggage allowance) (Moruya 40km north of Narooma).

Narooma (click to enlarge):


5 Responses to Itinerary

  1. Scott says:

    Wow, we have been so slack on day 5 in 2009 and 2010. I predict day 4 will be a day of vomitously low speed as we anticipate the hospitality of Bombala Caravan Park. (Due to the climb, not the hospitality.) However, in the spirit which bad hair and certain readings from Ezekiel combine to induce, the following is my offering.

    I have booked a bus to Narooma, arriving there on the 28th at 15.45. At that time I will leap from the bus into a gorgeous 25 degree south coast afternoon. In the stillness my tools will announce my determination to be truly EPIC as I reassemble my Nishiki Cresta (can anyone ever really own one of these?). Positioning my seat according to Mark’s foolishly unheeded premonition and consequence , I will erupt towards Mimosa Rocks, catching the scent of yesterday’s Assos and relishing the opportunity for self-flagellation on a public road. Pausing only to sip once from each of my six water bottles, at Bermagui I may don the Ipswich double-lights and dayglo, or perchance lay down my bus-weary bones in order only that my pursuit of the following day may be more EPIC.

    From sunrise, as the semi-trailers no-doze, the Cresta will bulldoze kilometre from kilometre, until, as the peleton struggles with consequences naturally brought upon by the Pambula Pie Parlour, a blue flash will render itself unto the Robbie Burns Hotel! No kiss, no yellow jersey, but the choice of suite, replete with ensuite! Not forgetting the afternoon will probably involve a little Armstronging … venturing from 300 to 900 and back again, in order that the Bombala Caravan Park may only welcome those who truly understand those metres in between.

    Please accept this assurance that I have completely forgotten privations, inclinations and daily machinations of previous Epics. The only thing which is clear to me is the coffee, which is why, Mr Riley, I would pay $100, even for an empty mug.

    • Mark says:

      Sounds like a good plan Scott,
      However, I know your tendency to “over-tighten” things with a spanner and I’m concerned for the Nishiki. As much as I’m sure you’d enjoy carrying all your camping gear in an epic portage, what about the alternative: At 15.45 on the 28th we will have “our people” stategically placed with cars at both Narooma and Pambula. “Our people” say “we’ve got this”. So we’ll see that you get a lift to join us in Pambula that night.

    • 888riley says:

      I must say, I do like the sound of that Pambula Pie Parlour, consequences be damned.

  2. Canis Lupus says:

    Not sure about my availability for days 3,4 and 11. 🙂

    The number in brackets represents metres in the Itinerary table, but what is it a measurement for?

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