Lions Road

Feel like making your own narrative from a series of images?

Just kidding.

First have a look at this guy:

CD reflectors, Hot Wheels track mudguards and super hero ornament.

Casino – Matt’s been there for 10 days, taking his bus engine apart and waiting for a replacement oil pump. Making Beanies and Firesticks.

Warming up – the fleecy top is off.

The Northern Line:

Lloyd Rees:

Lions Rd southern end:

A study of water, wood and steel:
(For last year’s carbon version see: here.)

60’s RocknRoll is still coming from one of the rooms…

Good bridge (perpendicular logs):

Bad bridge (parallel logs):

Remember “The cars that ate Paris”?

The road climbs:

At the border, insane gradients:

The road goes over this cliff:


Andrew Drynan campground:

No spud guns (we’re in Queensland now):

Next morning, frozen shoes:

This guy gave me his bowl of chips. Out for a day trip over the border and back. Said he does it a lot. Life advice: “A Harley 883. It’s all you need.”

Lions Rd northern end:

Brisbane river.

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One Response to Lions Road

  1. Damo says:

    What’s on for 2012?

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