Men’s VXE

Current team points: 8301 (27/09/11)
Current team position: 498/682

highest position: 51 on (28/02/11)
Lowest position: 630 on (22/07/11)
Race Results
Race Calender (Mens)






Andy Schleck




Cadel Evans




Richie Porte




Matthew Goss




Heinrich Haussler




Michael Rogers




Peter Sagan




Gregory Henderson




Matthew Lloyd




Simon Gerrans




Jens! Voigt




Jack Bobridge




Baden Cooke




Mathew Hayman




Brett Lancaster




Michael Matthews




Stuart O’Grady




Mark Renshaw




David Kemp




Travis Meyer




Cameron Meyer




Wesley Sulzberger




Chris Sutton




Matthew Wilson




Cameron Wurf







23 Responses to Men’s VXE

  1. Mark says:

    I’m drawing the season to a close while we are still in the top 500 (just).
    Great World Championships:
    Borbridge 5th, Porte 6th in the Time Trial.
    Matt Harley Goss 2nd in the Road Race. (Half a wheel after 266 km!)

    The only thing left is the Giro di Lombardia next month.
    Summing up for the year, best value rider: Chris Sutton.
    Best big points value riders: Cadel, Sagan, and Goss. Great year for Simon Gerrans too.

    Rider of the moment Matt Goss (On the right, Half a wheel…)

  2. Mark says:

    After VXE wins the tour: what’s left?
    Well we’ve currently clawled our way back to position 489
    Post Tour highlights include:
    Sagan: wins The Tour of Poland, Plus 2 stage wins at the Vuelta
    Gerran: wins The Tour of Denmark
    Sutton: wins a stage at the Vuelta (Our best value rider!)

    XE Rider of the week: Simon Gerrans

  3. Mark says:

    OK, we are now ranked at 600 and it’s really starting to get embarrassing. We won both the AUS National Championships RR (Bobridge) and TT (Meyer), but they are not counted because they occurred before this comp started in Feb. Other national championships just run now do count. Typical anti-antipodean bias.

    Bring on le Tour! VXE start list:
    Richie Porte (Saxo Bank Sungard)
    Stuart O’Grady (Leopard Trek)
    Jens Voigt (Leopard Trek)
    Andy Schleck (Leopard Trek)
    Simon Gerrans (Sky Procycling)
    Cadel Evans (BMC Racing Team)
    Mark Renshaw (HTC-Highroad)
    Matthew Harley Goss (HTC-Highroad)

    With a Harley in the name, how can we go wrong?

  4. Mark says:

    Cadel: 2nd on GC in the Dauphiné
    Matthews: 5th on GC in Delta Tour Zeeland
    Sagan: 3rd stage 1, Tour de Suisse
    VXE move up one position to 579.

    • 888riley says:

      It’s good to see the team is no longer in its worst position of the season … hard to imagine where we would have ended up if the barwonheadsfreighttrain didn’t take second. And where’s Mick Rogers? Working on becoming dead wood I think

  5. Mark says:

    Thought I should update the VXE fortunes, with the ToC over and the Giro may as well be as we have zero chance of any more points:
    ToC: 8 podiums from 7 stages yielding 230 pts.
    Giro: 0 podiums from 21 stages yielding 2 pts (Cam Meyer, stage 1, TTT, 5th).
    Again our Giro hopes cruelled by Contador’s participation (Porte having to be domestique rather than protected rider) and by Lloyd’s nonparticipation (having been kicked off his team).
    stage 2: Sagan 2, Goss 3
    stage 3: Henderson 1
    stage 4: Schleck 2
    stage 5: Sagan 1
    stage 8: Goss 1, Sagan 2, Henderson 3
    Unfortunately the ToC is a lowly race and not worth many points.

    VXE rider of the month, Peter Sagan:

    • 888riley says:

      Can that be right? 576th? Naaaah ….. really?

      Ok that’s bad.

      • Mark says:

        Yeeessss, It is bad. (But Green Edge cycling is even worse!) We’ll climb up at theTour, but will plummet again at the Vuelta. I think we write off this year as a learning experience.
        BTW, who are you James? not Bradley Wiggins anymore.

  6. Mark says:

    I lied, we dropped even further: 530th, but NOW we are on the way up (442nd) as the calender moves into stage racing.
    Michael Matthews: 1st in Rund um Koeln (150 pts)
    Andy Shleck: 3rd Liege-Bastogne-Liege (275 pts)
    Simon Gerrans: 12th Liege-Bastogne-Liege (80pts)
    Cadel Evans: 1st GC Tour de Romandie (250 pts)

    Here Cadel adds what looks like a bit of cardboard to his collection:

    In just a couple of days …. Giro D’Italia starts (7/5 – 29/5)
    Our Giro riders:
    Mark Renshaw (HTC highroad)
    Richie Porte (Saxobank – Sunguard)
    Jack Bobridge (Garmin – Cervelo)
    Cameron Meyer (Garmin – Cervelo)
    Matthew Wilson (Garmin – Cervelo)
    Unfortunately our big Giro hope Matthew Lloyd has been kicked off the Omega-Pharma team. Looks like its all up to Richie and maybe Jack Bobridge can pull a surprise.

    And in a few days more, Tour of California starts (15/5-22/5):
    Michael Rogers (Team Sky) don’t know whats happening here
    Matt Goss (HTC highroad)
    Matt Hayman (Team Sky)
    Peter Sagan (Liquigas-Cannondale)
    Cameron Wurf (Liquigas-Cannondale)
    Baden Cooke (Saxo Bank Sungard)
    Michael Matthews (Rabobank)
    Jens! Voigt (Leopard Trek)

    Both covered on SBS!

  7. Mark says:

    We hit an inter-week low of 500th on the ladder, but are now back on the way up, currently at 492nd.

    In the good news, Simon Gerrans is back to his 2009 form, getting onto the podium with a 3rd place in the biggest bike race named after a beer: The Amstel Gold.
    Gerrans 3rd (180 pts)
    Schleck 11th (60 pts)
    Richie Porte is also looking good, coming 2nd to Contador by 1 sec in the stage 4 Vuelta a Castilla y Leon time trial.

    The bad news: Cadel is going to miss the Ardenne classics with a bruised femur.
    Matt Lloyd kick out of the Omega Pharma-Lotto team. Management cites “Unacceptable behaviour. But is isn’t drugs.”
    As you all know, Lloydy has a unique turn of phrase and come across as slightly unhinged in his blog. News initially spread that he had some sort of breakdown, but no he’s just like that. He’s one of the genuine nice guys in cycling. He was coming back from a broken shoulder that happened last year and has just had his 1st race back. Its unclear what is really happening or how the “Lloyd crisis” will resolve itself, at this stage it is shrouded by mystery. It is not known whether he will race at all this year. It’s bad news for VXE, as he is a previous stage & mountains jersey winner in the Giro.

    VXE rider of the week Simon Gerrans (in Sky colours). You drink Amstel at the end instead of spray champagne. Podium girls dressed in beer coasters. All euro-class.

  8. Mark says:

    Three weeks is a long time in bike racing, as VXE slips from 70th to 473rd. Dropped, shelled, whatever you want to called it, we have been spat out the back of the peloton. The next two momuments, Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix have passed, and … we don’t do cobbles very well.

    Matt Hayman 10th (100pts) at Paris Roubaix the only bright spot. He is now our most valuable rider. In case you haven’t worked it out, “value” in the table above is points divided by cost. A value of 100 is break even. Matt Hayman could retire now and his value of 220 means he was still a good buy.

    The winner of Paris Roubaix, Johan Van Summeren, got the traditional big rock. He promptly proposed to his girl-friend.

    Cancellara came in second and tries on his usual arm-wrestle trick:

    On the up-side … there is no up-side. Now 497 (14/4/11). However, I predict we have now hit the low point and will claw our way back up. The cobbles are over, the Ardennes Classics start.
    VXE rider of the week: Baden Cooke, 21st in Paris-Roubaix

  9. Mark says:

    XmasEpic now sitting in 70th position.
    No podiums, but we had some big race top tens:

    EE3 prijs Vlaanderen
    Haussler 7th (100 pts)
    O’Grady 9th (80 pts)

    Dwars door Vlaanderen
    Hayman 4th (160 pts)
    Cooke 5th (140 pts)

    We are now entering Classics season: Gent-Wevelgem tonight, then in one week intervals: Tour of Flanders, Paris-Roubaix, Amstel Gold, Liège-Bastogne-Liège. Plus La Fleché Wallonne squeezed in there somewhere.

  10. Mark says:

    Even bigger week. Goss wins Milan – San Remo! In VXE’s first year we snare one of cyclings most coveted races. XE is now firmly in top 200. Pictures here.

    XE results:
    1 Matt Goss (350 pts)!
    10 Stuey O’Grady (100 pts)
    17 Peter Sagan (30 pts)
    18 Heinrich Haussler (20 pts).

  11. Mark says:

    Big week, with two stage races finishing. The Paris – Nice petered out without any of our climbers making an impact. Barbie (Heinrich Haussler) won the sprinters (points) jersey. Best for XE on GC was Mike Rogers (12th) and Richie Porte (22nd). Haussler looks good for the Milan – San Remo on the weekend.

    Real news was Cadel winning the Tirreno – Adriatico trident, including a great stage 6 win. Pictures here.

    XE rider of the week: Cadel and the BMC train are really firing.

  12. Mark says:

    XE’s Goss & Haussler go 1-2 in stage 3 Paris – Nice!
    Sensational stuff. The young Tasmanian is now in yellow:

  13. Mark says:

    XE’s Greg Henderson & Matt Goss go 1-2 at stage 2 of the Paris-Nice!
    (and Heinrich Haussler a 3rd in stage 1)
    Not being translated onto many points yet.
    We look to clean up at the end when they award GC and “points” points.
    Also watch for XE Richie Porte, Michael Rogers, Simon Gerrans in P-N later in the week!

    XE Rider of the day: Greg Henderson

  14. James says:

    Heinrich Haussler gets a podium finish? And xmasepic is still ranked 277?

  15. Mark says:

    The weeks results are a little disappointing, with XE slipping down the ladder to 236. Early days yet and as its our first season I think aiming for a top 200 place is realistic.

    Cuddles (aka Cadel) had his first race of the season at the Giro del Friuli and well … he “got off the bike”. I must say I aways thought a DNF was caused by amputation or worse, but I guess not for these early races. He wasn’t alone, there was sleet and snow and only 25 out of the ~160 riders finished. Lets put it down to short finger gloves & leggings:

    XE Rider of the week: Bling (aka Michael Matthews) won stage 1 of the Vuelta a Murcia!

  16. Mark says:

    Its always satisfying to nuture young talent.
    In the biggest victory of his career, Chris Sutton becomes the first Australian to win the Kuurne – Brussels – Kuurne. Awesome. And what value!
    Chris Sutton

  17. James says:

    Wow. XE draws the curtain on Robbie McEwen’s career just like that.

    This business is brutal.

  18. James says:

    Apart from Jens and Andy Schleck brother, is the XE team entirely Australian?

    Where’s robbie? out to pasture?

  19. Mark says:

    Whoo hoo! Xmas Epic podiums in the first race of the season, with Matt Hayman 3rd in the Omloop Het Nieuwsblad!
    Can’t believe SBS didn’t cover it.
    (The classics sound so exotic before you put them through a translator. Dutch for “The Newspaper Circulation”)

    XE Rider of the week: Matt Hayman
    Matt Hayman

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