Team Kit

Jersey + Knicks $52
Jersey + Bib Knicks $55
(click to enlarge)
Size chart here

(no interest)

Arm warmers: $18
Please specify any text (Skin grows back, FIGJAM, Tomorrow We Ride, etc), flames, glitter, etc extra
. (next year)

T-shirts: $10
Specify text. White text on black “Rivers” T-shirt. “Epic 2011” on front, “Shut up Legs!” on back. Maximum one per person.
2x 0x M
4x 1x L,
1x XXL,
1x Paddy Pallin (purple) XL
1x Bourne Ultimatum L
2x 1x Mt Cootha L

Expresso cups: $100
At LEAST one per person.

E Steve
Z Miranda
E Mark
K James
I Malcolm
E Keith
L Leah
1 Wendy
: Scott
18 Vinnie

“As for their rims, they were so high they were awesome; and their rims were full of eyes, all around the four of them.” – Ezekiel 1:18

Person espresso cup t-shirt jersey + knicks
Chris yes
Leah paid (L) M(paid)
James paid (K)
Keith paid (E)
Malcolm paid (I) L(paid)
Mark paid (E) L(paid)
Miranda paid (Z) M(paid)
Scott paid (:) purple XL(paid)
Steve paid (E) L(paid)
Vinnie paid (18) L(paid)
Wendy paid (1)

Please place orders in comments:


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