Supplied with the photos of a ride from Steve, I’ve constructed a narrative. There may be sections lost in translation.

Steve goes for an easy 20 km out and back…

…with a 1.4 km elevation change. It is ride of two halves:

First, the first carb loading. Here we have a local version of the cheese kransky utilizing pickled ginger and corn on a bed of wasabi paste. And Kieran beer.

The road winds up:

The rest stops are in small grass huts:


In Japan they believe in the curative powers of magic coloured tape:

Green also works on knees:

Orange is best for backs:

At the top, its high.. the temple.. take your shoes off..

..where inside you are encouraged to write your own livestrong calligraphy script.

Steve was riding with HalfFast, a cycling club that meets at the Pink Cow and has a team jersey that is also useful for finding your way home.

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3 Responses to Norikura

  1. 888riley says:

    Wow, when was this? It looks both great and nightmarish at the same time. There’s a really big hill …. why?

    Geez that tape looks though …

    • Mark says:

      Steve’s in Japan for a while repairing a (non-nuclear) power station. Took his bike for weekend exploration.
      I’m adding photos of rides on the reconnaissance menu, so you should take lots….

  2. Mark says:

    Steve, not sure I have the sequence right, but hopefully I captured the gist?

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