Summer means early starts:


  date sunrise sunset
Narooma 27/12 4:42 19:19
Pambula 29/12 4:42 19:22
Bombala 31/12 4:46 19:25
Oborst 03/01 4:49 19:31
Bairnsdale 05/01 4:54 19:35


Wind Roses (clIck to enlarge)

Bega January 9am

Bega January 3pm

Sale January 9am

Sale January 3pm

The Bureau of Meterology has released their Dec-Feb predictions:
“The southeast Australian temperature outlook averaged over December 2011 to February 2012 shows the following:
• warmer days are more likely over Tasmania, Victoria and southern parts of both NSW and SA
• cooler days are more likely over southeastern QLD “
Read more here.
The chances of exceeding the average maximum temperature doesn’t look good for Gippsland:

However the actual average maximum temperatures Dec 11-FEb 12 are quite low:
That’s an 80% chance of the max. temperature being greater than the average 21-24C max temperature. Still, just about the coolest place to be.

Average minimum temperatures Dec 11-FEb 12,
Gonna be cold morning starts in the mountains. Bring gloves & jacket.

Average rainfall Dec 11-FEb 12,


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  1. Mark says:

    BOM releases their Dec-Feb forecasts for the epic.

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